Corporate Package

Corporate Package

Designed to be a cost effective way to obtain quality images of multiple staff members at the same site. Pricing is a combination of time and image processing. The time element is £400 per day / £250 per half day and images are priced at £10 per final image with a minimum charge of 5. 

The bulk  of images will be a standard lighting & background set up  i.e. team members will have image that are individual but consistent in style, typically  a white background. A white background is generally preferred for corporate images as its easy to incorporate into websites, presentations or printed marketing material as required.

In order to obtain quality images then you should plan on a maximum of 8-10 people per hour else the result can look exactly what it is a production line of rushed individuals rather than taking a few minutes to allow individuals to compose themselves, get used to the environment and make any final adjustments to their appearance.

If a greater variety of images, e.g. location or background, is required for particular individuals due to their role in the organisation this can be accommodated but please remember to allow the time for this.

To obtain an accurate quote please use the contact form here, where you can also see an overview of my availability or give me a ring on 07876 503074 with details of numbers and location of staff.